about us

changing the fabric of digital and content marketing

with an international reach, nu coton is a pioneer in the ‘no nasties’ approach to digital and content marketing. with nu coton you can adopt the ‘slow’ marketing philosophy and step off the digital treadmill.

Our Mission

to tell brand stories in an authentic and engaging way that gets them noticed online, responsibly.

Our Vision

a marketing industry that moves away from unscrupulous practice, putting values and people first.

with you every step of the way

Our offering follows a natural progression: from website design and build to increasing conversion and driving traffic. All of our digital and content marketing services are offered standalone or as part of a wider strategy-led package, tailored to your business objectives. Unlike some marketing agencies, we partner with you to recommend the most cost-effective way of reaching your business objectives, prioritising tasks accordingly and making the most of your marketing budget.