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Join nu coton in revolutionizing marketing with a conscious, impactful approach – we’re seeking passionate, skilled individuals for our team!

Working With Us In-House

Join our in-house team, and you’re not just another suit (…we don’t wear suits) – you’re a pivotal player in our adventure. Our digs are a vibrant (remote) playground of creativity, collaboration, and doing right by people and the planet.

Imagine check-ins that aren’t just about deadlines, but how you’re *really* doing. At nu coton, we’re all about the “how’s it going, champ?” chats – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because life’s a wild ride, and empathy makes the journey sweeter.

Imagine a world where brainstorming is like cosy chats at a coffee shop. And flexibility? Oh, we’ve got that in buckets! We’re all about custom work patterns, where you’re the Picasso of your schedule, dealing with life’s curveballs like a pro.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just about the work grind. Our monthly “work from anywhere” bonus covers coffee, supplies, and even the odd lunch. Because joy’s in the details!

Working With Us Freelance

Hey there, freelance virtuoso! Are you a master of the freelancing realm, ruling with your independence and creativity? Do you dream of teaming up with clients who share your passion for responsible marketing? Well, guess what? Your freelancing adventure just got a whole lot cooler!

Step into the nu coton spotlight, where freelancers like you shine bright. We’re on the lookout for kindred spirits who are all about responsible marketing. Whether you’re a word wizard, a design dynamo, a photo ninja, or a video virtuoso – if you’re bringing the awesome, we want you on our team!

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